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Gloria Jean’s Coffees Bolstering Talent from Within

Australia’s leading speciality coffee retailer is inspiring career growth opportunities within its franchising network, with a commitment to empowering employees from the ground up.

Recently appointed as the Head of Learning & Development for Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Melita Ferraro is a clear example of the Company’s dedication to nurturing internal talent, as exemplified through her thirteen-years of growth within the business. 

Starting her Gloria Jean’s Coffees journey in 2003 as a barista in one of the Gold Coast-based coffee houses, Melita turned her venture from a barista into store manager before joining the Queensland support office as an operations trainer.

Proving her commitment to ongoing growth, Melita was then given the opportunity to relocate to Sydney to take on the role as head barista trainer, where she was focused on all things coffee and was heavily responsible for the training and development of all new Gloria Jean’s Coffees franchise partners.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees General Manager, Damien Zivkovich, expressed that Melita is a golden example of the commitment to quality and innovative practice that the business exemplifies.

“Melita’s transition into her current role has made an instrumental impact on the operations of the business and its focus on delivering innovative and world-class training to support franchise partners and their teams, across our Australian network,” he said.

Having spent over a decade in the business and seeing it evolve, Melita said she looks forward to her new position within the Company and working collaboratively with the Learning & Development team. 

About Gloria Jean’s Coffees:

 Gloria Jean’s Coffees is Australia’s leading specialty coffee house and community success story over the past 20 years. Since 1996, we have brought award-winning coffee quality, world class barista expertise and the choice of single origin, blends and estate whole bean coffees and specialty teas to communities everywhere through our coffee houses. With more than 900 coffee houses in 39 markets worldwide including over 300 locations across Australia, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is well-known for coffee excellence and community values.