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Crema The Crop

After many years of making award winning coffee through our Franchise Systems, RFG has become an expert in coffee roasting and a proud connoisseur of great coffee. RFG roasts more than 1.42 million kilograms of coffee annually across Australia and New Zealand through our Caffe Coffee and Evolution Roasters subsidiaries.

Caffe Coffee and Evolution Roasters are the premium roasters behind our Brand System’s award winning blends.

Through Evolution Roasters we have developed high quality blends that we will now offer to independent cafes and businesses.

Utilising our experience and superior purchasing power we can deliver the highest quality coffee at prices that are affordable.

Evolution Roasters’s proven roasting facilities provide the ideal platform for our wholesale coffee business. We have used our wealth of experience and expert roasting team to create a range of delicious blends available for purchase by independent cafés and businesses.

We are also able to design blends (subject to minimum order quantities) around customer flavour profiles as well as branding to customer needs.

Roasted Addiqtion

A full bodied and smooth blend with a pronounced, crisp acidity, Roasted Addiqtion is made from beans sourced from Central America, a region that produces some of the World’s best coffees.

Barista’s Choice Café Blend

Barista’s Choice ‘daily shot’ blend is a combination of smooth low-acid coffees from South America and refined fruity, full-bodied east African coffees, as well as a mix of beans from Asia grown using a unique honey-process.

Barista’s Choice Decaf Blend

Our decaffeinated blend is flavourful and strong and bursting with rich, smooth flavours.

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